Service Detail


Authentication of educational credentials is verifying and certifying the authenticity and legality of educational credentials earned from local HEI.The following are the basic requirements for authentication of educationalcredentials;

·        Original degree duly certified by the dean/president and the registrar of the institution;

·        Original transcript duly certified by the dean/president and the registrar of the institute;

·        The transcript should include the necessary information like admission month and year, academic years of each semester, campus...etc);

·        Original university entrance examination certificate duly authenticated by the Ethiopia National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency;

·        If Level IV certificate or 10+3 diploma is used for entrance, it should be duly authenticated by TVET agency.

Level IV Certificate of Competence (CoC) and 2 years of related work experience also required;

·        Photocopy of all the above documents;

·        With service fee: Birr 200 for national and 400 for foreigners;


Please note that

·        For the authentication of a Master’s degree, authentication or equivalence of the Bachelor’s degree should be done;

·        The service is provided only to those that acquired degree by meeting the admission requirement during the admission;

·        Temporary degree or diploma certificate must include the photograph of thedegree holder;

·        Documents must be presented by the owner of the document or by representatives who havelegal representation;

·        If the high school certificate is from abroad it should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.