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Accreditation is a systematic quality assurance process in which higher education institution programs are evaluated to determine if minimum standards are met. It is a mechanism to make sure that programs are opened after standards are met. In line with this, no institution is allowed to start a program before the accreditation of the program by the Agency. Re-accreditation is the renewal of accreditation. 

Accreditation process begins with a written request by the Higher Education Institution. The institution presents the request attached with legal, governance and systematic documents; and when overall preparations are finalized. Test

The Agency forms a team of 3 accreditation experts and program specialist/s from the recognized universities. The team scrutinizes legal, governance and systematic documents of the HEI;   visit the HEI facilities; analyse the result against the Agency’s accreditation standards; and produce a recommendation to the Accreditation Board. 

The board examines the team report and decides. If the HEI fulfils the overall minimum standards, the board grants the accreditation. If it fails to fulfil one or more of the minimum standards, the board denay the accreditation and gives an opportunity to the HEI for further improvement.